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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

Brian Wagner wrote: View Post
Dan, you were talking about Kondo Sensei, that's why I quoted you.

Mark, who says I have no experience with other Daito-ryu groups? What experience do you have with any Daito-ryu groups?

Neutrality is a convenience best left to the Swiss.

Brian S Wagner
Mainline Daito-ryu
Jikishinkageryu Heiho

I don't see anywhere where anyone said anything about your experiences. Certainly not me. Please, don't take my post as specific, but rather general in an overall view. As for me, it's been posted here on Aikiweb that I hosted Howard for a small seminar.

And, if you'd be so kind as to allow me to visit and train, I would certainly take you up on that. It would give me another experience in Daito ryu -- something that I look forward to as Daito ryu is the parent art of Aikido.

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