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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

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Mark, if I am hijacking your thread, then I apologize. You seem like a genuine person.

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Hi Brian,
I don't know Kondo and haven't ever trained with him or with any of his students. As far as I can remember. So, I won't speak to what Kondo does or doesn't know.

However, I will ask you to try viewing something in neutrality. What if Tokimune did follow his father's footsteps and didn't teach the real stuff to everyone? For theory's sake, how do we know who Tokimune taught the real stuff to? So, just for the con side, how would you know if Kondo really didn't get taught the true stuff? Now, on the pro side, how would you know if Kondo got taught the true stuff?

IMO, you would almost have to work with other Daito ryu groups to see exactly what they can do. If not, then you only have your own school to judge by. And if Tokimune never taught true stuff to everyone, then it would be kind of hard to judge. We have precedent in that Sokaku Takeda was known for going to a lot of other schools to learn or teach. Can you imagine if the Daito ryu schools got together and worked together (at least here in America)? IF it's true that certain people didn't get taught the true stuff, why should we, as Americans, hold that back from other people learning the *same* art? Even if it is another school?

Now, I will take things just one step further. Something that I think might cause ripples. What if ... hypothetically speaking of course, but Takeda was known for not really teaching the real stuff to everyone ... and Tokimune wasn't around his father all that often as far as my research can tell (I could be wrong here) ... what if Takeda didn't teach Tokimune the real stuff? So, we take things a step back and we have to ask, just who did Takeda teach the real stuff to?

I think the only people we know for sure ... positively for sure, are going to be Ueshiba and Sagawa. Both turned the world upside down with their power and both were supposedly groomed as replacements for Takeda. Other than that, IMO, we need to take a magnifying glass and a fine tooth comb to everyone else. It's the only way to be sure.

Just some thoughts of mine,
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