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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

I think there is a confusion between the typical picking of one guy to receive menkyo -with the often typically small added material that conveys- with what we are are discussing in DR. In many koryu the menkoy was a pick of the head or the finish not a whole other body of knowledge.
And never that I have heard of was it..."Hey, Billy over here was the only one taught the real stuff. You guys have been doing stuff that isn't the real deal, you can see it here...ther...see only he knows how to really do it."

In koryu as I know it , men are taught linearly and directly and only a select few get to the top. But its outlined and there is direct, real, waza taught. not fake waza or withholding of aiki and a different training model for a select few.
Its a different thing altogether then what you are talking about.

In this case of Tokimune / Kondo you have dozens of men-you can watch them or talk to guy's who felt them who were doing waza one way, and Kondo's was different. It obvious.
How betrayed are you going to be, after receiving scroll after scroll, shihan status, representing the soke in public, demonstrating waza and being in charge of teachingothers-as an aside what in theee hell does that mean? (here folks watch some crap I set this rube up to do) and then being secretary and affair director and investing half a life- only to find you and all your dojo mates have been used?
Amazing. Then reading where Sagawa stated he never really taught till very late in life and that ..surprise!! his students were then getting power. And that Takeda told him not to teach.
I don't know what you say to that.

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