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Re: Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido is Daito ryu

I would be careful where you go. Power and sensitivity is instantly felt and known. Forget being impressed by "some guy." We've all met good MAers
Go meet his students. If most of them don't have it and they are not not easily identifiable by skills levels expressing their time-in ...walk away.

I have met about a hundred ICMA so far.
So far I have mat all of one...who has any appreciable power.
Yes I know there are many -I just haven't met them yet. I am only suggesting that you consider the percentages as no different that you are going to find anywhere else.
The real trouble regarding the ICMA is that so many have the "lingo" down. They know the theory...intellectually, and that's about it.
Ask around if you have to travel, or show up to test their students if it's close by.
Good luck
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