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Re: Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido is Daito ryu

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So Mark, what do you call the art you are now practicing? Perhaps the art formerly known as 'Daito ryu?'
How about
Daito ryu and aikido are all "The way of aiki" they are inexorably intertwined. It's just that, by and large, most in them show they don't have aiki to any substantial level. going to change.
When it does aiki will be the defining difference in expressing themselves. I will bet the farm that in ten years. Aikido as we now know it is on the wain. People will identify the teachers who don't have it and walk out and go to those who actually have aiki and teach it.
Aikido waza will change, as the big movements, which were never necessary and never expressed aiki will fade and be a thing of the past, and the general skill level will rise to the point that trying to throw someone will prove to be quite a challenge and when you do-they are ...never...ever....going to look like aikido does now unless someone wants to put on a show. If aiki is the goal, its going to be forward progress and defining decade for the art.

Here's something that may prove ironic. More aikido people are open to training this way than Daito ryu people. The teaching model in DR is ...well...ask around. It isn't good. A lot of DR students are in deplorable shape when it comes to aiki power-and they remain convinced they got it, or will in twenty years from their teacher. The day may come when aikido has aiki and DR no longer does and DR will have to go to Aikido sensei to re-learn aiki!

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