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Re: Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido is Daito ryu

Hi Mark
The historical record through the eimoroku and the densho he signed and gave out to all the "founding deshi" through the late 30's offer irrefutable evidence of that.
What is more compelling for todays practitioners is the sharing of the body skills. Once again going back to my initial meeting and dinner with Ellis and his observations and encouragment for me to start sharing-ok, he shamed me into it- his thoughts were that sharing and giving the skills to others was going to prove to be far more definitive, and make the connection between Daito ryu aiki aikido startlingly obvious to more folks than an internet debate would.

As you know more and more teachers of advanced rank are feeling it and are stunned, and once they start learning it and can start to manifest skills in short time frames they are essentially saying 'Sh....t! we missed it. This is aiki!"

Ellis knew the best-if not the only way to end the argument-was going to get some fellas from DR to start actually teaching-not just showing, but teaching the body skills so aikidoka could actually see where the connections were from DR to Aikido for themselves. This combined with Mike who was showing the connection from the ICMA to the Japanese arts, and Ark who combined both, really brought the argument to a close. If a picture was worth a thousand words, the experience for those who trained with all three of us was either the nail in the coffin for detractors, or the credit card receipt for Ellis's book!!!! .
Personally I think the bastard was just setting us all up for the eventual...(we could all be dead before) publishing of his book on DR and Aikido and the link of internal power from China to Japanese arts.

I remember trying to discuss this years ago. It is refreshing to see aikidoka now presenting the same arguments. Again I think it was experiencing the power and training in it, to make the historical connections between DR and aikido finally and suddenly become more...obvious, to more people.
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