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Re: Biography Translated


I am sure that people will write good descriptive reviews of the book. Which is fine, because it presents much more detail about Morihei Ueshiba's life than anything which has so far appeared in English.

However, the issues that I am attempting to present in the columns I am writing are better dealt with in more critical reviews of the book: the kind of review you find in the New York Review of Books. For example, I have a good hunch that Kisshomaru's treatment of his father's relationship with Sokaku Takeda and Onisaburo Deguchi will be disputed--and disputed by some of our regular Aikiweb contributors.

One should also remember the particular reasons why Kisshomaru wrote this biography--and how it differs from the other biography, written by Kanemoto Sunadomari.

Which Aikiweb forum is used? Well, I think this is a comparatively minor question, and I trust in the good sense of our Beloved Administrator.

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