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Re: thanks to all

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id just like to say thank you to everyone that helped me. when i finally decided to call the aikido club i was told by them they only accept people 18+ and im 16 so i looked at other similar martial arts and found another dojo were i lived for aikido went down told them wat i wanted from it saying " slef deffense and to be able to fight if needs be" and they said aikido isnt really a martial art as sush its more like yoga and tai chi, so i am now goin to join a jui jitsu club because after going to them and seeing what they can do it makes aikido look like a cat fight, jui jitsu has all the moves and teaches you how to fight and defend yourself not just slap people in there faces and twist there arm... but thank you all anyway
The 18+ rule is kinda of dumb. And Aikido as an equivilant to Tai Chi? pffff. There may be some similarities. But no way would it be considered to be on the same level as Yoga or Tai Chi. Not Suenaka-Ha Aikido atleast. And CERTAINLY not just an art where you slap people in the face and twist there arms. Thats a good way to get your a#% beat. But sorry about that mate. Good luck in your' Martial studies.


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