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Originally posted by jk
<a raised hand from the back of the class>

Professor Goldsbury,

After leafing through a copy of "Budo Training in Aikido" (English translation of "Budo Renshu"), I seemed to have missed the kotegaeshi portion...would you mind pointing out which technique # it's under?

Mr Kuo,

Yes, you are right. I used Budo Renshu as a preparation for Aiki Expo and clearly confused kote-gaeshi with other techniques I taught which do appear in the book. Many apologies.

The irimi I had in mind in a reply to Don Modesto is when you take uke's other, non-attacking, hand. This would be very unwise in a knife attack, but it is a good irimi exericse. The entering movement is very deep, but is outward-turning (O). With this movement, you can take either hand.

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
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