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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

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Shocking? If true, yeah, I'd say so. Kondo is supposedly stating (taking Giacomo's word on it) that Tokimune did *not* teach everyone the "real" techniques. In fact, it's worse, to some he taught "fake" techniques.
It's worse than that. Kondo stated it himself in an interview in AJ ...BEFORE he came to the U.S. on his first tour. That Takeda told Tokimune to only teach true technique to one student (gee where have we heard that before? Sagawa said Takeda told him the exact same thing!!), and that Tokimune told Kondo to do the same thing.
The inside joke was-and this was an active, inside, joke in two branches of DR...
"Who would be dumb enough to line up to train after reading this?"
Then he said it again in another interview.
Then as I said, couple it with Sagawa stating the same thing, and that it came from Takeda.

So forget Giacomo. Read Kondo's own words and see his own doings and then check around behind the scenes. I'm not commenting good or bad either way, just check around. Its worth doing so after such public statements by teachers in the art. As Toby said-"Its shocking" and very much goes against a tacit trust in Budo between teacher and student.

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