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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

Well, having been one who has been pointing to such goings on for years, and getting publicly kicked in the teeth for saying so-its refreshing to see people finally either getting it, or finally coming forward and saying "enough is enough."
On several fronts the teaching model has rightfully been held in question by many honorable men who have trained in the art. They have felt betrayed and were not taught. More and more men have talked- one to another- and realized there was a commonality of view, a realization of a common experience they held and shared.

If you talk with those in and out of the art you will hear some verifyable and fascinating, and other times, quite ugly, information about some VERY famous teachers in the art. Others, while being, great people- are terrible teachers who really do not have a capable and talented student base. Some in the art- who support the art- recognize that a serious revamping of the teaching model should at least be discussed. I have talked with those in the art in three different branches who are looking past the current generation of teachers and thinking that-in many respects in the coming years- Daito ryu is F....ed!!
Many, not some, not a few...many... guys know of teachers involved in the art who hold the teachings close-to-the vest and do not really teach. Unfortunately most-due to their positions- cannot and will not openly talk about it.

The very idea that Tokimune could do what he did is an embarrassment to all concerned. It's insulting to the core of every budo man I know and have spoken with. This to include some very famous and well known teachers from all walks. The defining difference for others-is reading, and then personally knowing other teachers have done the same thing.

Anyone involved in the Tokimune / Kondo debacle who thinks they are walking away from this with their head held just kidding themselves and proving one of two things

1. How ignorant and out of touch they are with the international budo community
2. Or just as arrogant and misguided as they are presumed to be.

Toby, is -most probably like many I know ....saying more with what he is NOT saying that what he is openly saying.

I would encourage people to be very careful with who they associate with and more importantly, check behind the scenes NOT WITH THOSE IN THE ART.

Personally, I think the recent invitation of Toby to Sorrentino's dojo was a smart move. Howard would be a good choice as well.

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