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Using Aikido to overcome or cope with serious chronic illness

I started training in 2006 and for my first year trained each day as hard as I could and made the art integral to my life. The feeling training with good people gave me was different from anything I've felt since I studied martial arts as a child/teen. I'm now middle aged.

This year I've had to deal with chronic illness, low energy, the inability to train many times because the side effects of the treatment make me feel so lousy training is the furthest thing from my mind.

I've read that training is possible and quite beneficial for various illnesses I.E healing of mind/body/spirit.

I'm nowhere near the level of skill where to use breathing and meditation etc. although I'm sure I can learn if I can get on the mat and learn to train differently. I'm curious for feedback in this issue as I'm sure many aikidoka have been ill and used their art to help with the symptoms. I read O Sensei had liver problems towards the end of his life and I'm sure he still trained ( or would like to think he trained while in pain and feeling weak) I'd like to capture a small fraction of this spirit.
thank you.
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