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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

What sort of response are you expecting?
It speaks for itself. I suspect Kondo will give the same assurances that Tokimune gave.

It's a pointless debate.
IMO watching the seishinkai video's and then Kondo's made it obvious. This point alone was discussed years ago. Why wasn't - what was soooo obvious to viewers - obvious to those in the seishinkai at the time? Including Giacomo? You could see it all over the place.

So, while Giacomo's comments are valid and all too true. Sadly, instead of making a good case, it makes a startling point, and paints a very, ugly, picture.

There are teachers in other branches in the U.S. who are widely panned as "The teachers who don't teach." It's fairly well known who they are and at least one of them is rapidly losing support among teachers in Budo, while yet another teacher of yet another branch-(which is known that most of the people in his style can't do much either)is out there teaching. So people are wondering and hoping that he can and will -actually teach.

I agree that the whole thing is rather ugly. You're left with trying to decifer if it's being kept to the vest, or they just suck at teaching, and as is noted above , most arrive at a point they just throw up their hands and walk away. I have seen whole dojo's quit in disgust. It is yet another reason why several Koryu teachers I know look down on Daito ryu as totally screwed! They wouldn't trust enough to recommend teachers in it-as they have personally seen what the teachers have done and are currently doing, and that the art is all over the place-not only in style and syllabus but in quality of teaching.

I get the dubious pleasure of getting a whole bunch of e-mails from those in the art inclduding teachers for finally saying somethings about it that are true-while a few others publicly chastize me for that very same thing.

Phitruong writes:
personally, I could careless whether those folks got the stuffs and taught or not taught to other folks. Ancient history. I would rather focus on the now and the will be.
l don't think 1993-97 is ancient history. Nor is it to those who just left the art last year, or those considering training in it now.
I'd seriously consider that if you do not have significant power and sensitivity and can handle most anything with ease after 5 years
Quit, and go find a teacher who can teach aiki.


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