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Talking Re: upcoming movie featuring aikido...

That was one of the strangest press releases I've ever read.

I very much appreciate that there are regional filmmaking companies out there, away from Hollywood. I also appreciate that they're going to do a movie about Aikido.

But if you read the press release carefully, it does not say that Halle Berry or anyone has signed onto this film. It's more a "fantasy casting" wishlist than an actual list of actors who might be interested in the project.

Trom the Web site, it's clear that this is a start-up company that is doing low-budget B-list movies. They don't have any finished movies made yet--just trailers.

Not that there's anything wrong with any of that--Sam Raimi started out that way. (Their other film in production is a vampire movie.)

But this company severely needs a lot more professional polish to succeed, and a copyeditor. The press release, and the accompanying web site are extremely ungrammatical. Which is odd, because the president of the company is apparently a scriptwriter.

Neat link, though, and I do very much enjoy cheesy B-movie fare. And I'd love to see one featuring aikido, so long as the scriptwriter did more research than the person writing the press release.
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