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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Shocking? If true, yeah, I'd say so. Kondo is supposedly stating (taking Giacomo's word on it) that Tokimune did *not* teach everyone the "real" techniques. In fact, it's worse, to some he taught "fake" techniques. Worse yet, only Suzuki and Kondo were taught the real stuff. So, everyone else got fake or just basic stuff.
What we have is a non-native English speaker reporting in English a conversation he had with another non-native English speaker, a conversation which we do not know was in English (in which case we have two non-native English speakers conversing) or in Japanese (in which case we have one non-native Japanese speaker). Further, our original non-native English speaker does not seem entirely sure on how he is relating the conversation, nor do we have any real clue about the context of this conversation.

It seems to me that we have to take what Giacomo said with huge, huge grains of salt, and admit that we have next to no idea what Kondo really said, let alone what he meant.

Aside from that, though, of course the topic of "how much who teaches to whom and when" is certainly interesting and worth kicking around.

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