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The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

There is a very interesting post at Aikido Journal by one Giacomo Merello

Giacomo Merello wrote:
Kondo Sensei says that Takeda Sokaku and Tokimune had the same system, of teaching only to very few people the real techniques, and teach "fake", or maybe better "basic" techniques only to all the others... Tokimune taught the real ones only to Suzuki Sensei and to Kondo Sensei, and this is why he gave kyoju dairi onlu to them and not the others.

But of course these are reasonings that wouldn't convince me before... what REALLY convinced me is that Kondo Sensei simply can do to me what nobody from the Seishinkai/Daitokai ever could do!

Yes, he converted me, by showing me the difference between real techniques and fake ones... and as crazy as it seems, it is true! I know it seems like religious propaganda (in Italy some people says the same to me), and that is why I invite everyone that can spend time and money to travel to Tokyo or to come to Italy next october should do so and experience it first hand.

If you were shocked, can you guess how much WAS I?????

Shocking? If true, yeah, I'd say so. Kondo is supposedly stating (taking Giacomo's word on it) that Tokimune did *not* teach everyone the "real" techniques. In fact, it's worse, to some he taught "fake" techniques. Worse yet, only Suzuki and Kondo were taught the real stuff. So, everyone else got fake or just basic stuff.

Beyond that, all the students of those teachers that aren't Suzuki and Kondo also were taught fake or just basic stuff.

Here's the kicker. What assurances are there that Kondo isn't doing the exact same thing?

This is getting ridiculous. Or maybe this is just becoming known. The signs are all there if you look. Sagawa stating he didn't teach it until late in life. The Aikikai Hombu teaching omote and not ura outside of Japan. Tohei saying it shouldn't take longer than 5 years but where are his students that are progressing like that? Tomiki, Shioda all were taught in a short amount of time, but where are their students to rival them?

All of these people were *taught* and became great. They didn't get some golden cloud to pass over them and shine silver rays of budo enlightenment down upon them. And now, bit by bit, it's coming out that some didn't teach the "real" stuff to anyone but a select few. Maybe not to anyone ... who really knows now that most are gone.
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