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Dan Hover
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Ai symbol Life in Aiki-Hell

O'sensei's Aikido did die with him. But what he left behind was the key to self-perfection, So insofar as trying to do O'sensei's Aikido we all on a grail quest. Some say O'sensei studied all of the complemtary arts to Aikido (ken, Jujutsu, spear,sumo,etc..) so that we wouldn't have to. He left us the tools to create takemusu Aiki. And he imparted these tools to various people throughout his life. Each of them stressing what they thought O'sensei was stressing, and they are all right. O'sensei's gift to us was that each of us has the power of improving ourselves, this gift is Aikido. It is his legacy as well as his gift to the world.

Dan Hover
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