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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

"Control of hips" is a wide open subject. I will discuss more on it later as I have time. But, essentially Fooks covers it well. Yea, OODA loop getting inside or ahead is what is key. I'd say the stuff I did in the video was an attempt to disrupt his OODA loop. Never got ahead of it though, we were pretty neutral i'd say.

Aikido pins vs JJ pins?

Well again, perspective and assumptions are all a big part of "what really works".

What works in Comp JJ effectively doesn't always translate well to street and vice versa.

I think the best thing in the world is Knee on Belly or Knee on Back. Good control position and you have mobility.

Comp JJ is not concerned about mobility so much as submitting them. There are tradeoffs I think between mobility/flexibility (the ability to adapt or deal with Mulitiple Opponents) and your ability to control/submit.

Finding the balance is key.

I think having your opponent facedown is always preferable than face up. Again, rules and situation dictate.

good discussion.

I will talk about more later tonight.

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