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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?


Thanks of the kind comments. Yes, Grappling is a sport, so it was a beneficial strategy to for him to remain on the ground. As mentioned many times before, as long as we keep thing is the right perspective, there is much that can be learned from grappling.

It also begs the question about "what is effective?" It really does depend on the situation. I'd agree in many respects I was successful as I "dominated" the guy sort of for 6 minutes without him submitting me and broke free several times, and could have walked away.

However, if my job as to subdue him to prevent some other harm, or to arrest him...would I have fell short?

Hard to say, but that is why I believe it is important to train with various endstates in mind.

Other techniques?

Pulled a kotegaeshi the other day from a lapel grab. It usually only works once and then the are on to you. It does good at establishing kuzushi from standing.

Also I do a modified wristlock, nikkyo ALOT especially standing when pummelling, from the mount, and from side control. I grab that alot when doing arm bars as well.

The key to doing them though is proper control of dominant position, or hip control. If you don't have it, they won't work very well for a submission.

This video outlines that pretty darn good.

Thanks Again.

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