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Re: How effective is aikido in self defense?

Michael Douglas wrote: View Post
Good stories, thanks for posting.
Ahmad, your 'moral of the story' bits don't seem to gel with your three incidents... none of which seemed (to me) to involve aikido despite the japanese technique name you give to bundling a drunk across the road. What was the low point in THAT story please ... now I'd dying to know!
I wholly approve of your incident number 2 (avoiding a drunk domestic incident) and would state that showed ABSOLUTELY CORRECT self defensive behaviour, certainly NOT a low point in my opinion. Be safe.

To Tom Hill : READ the other (all of them, there's millions) 'is aikido good for self-defence' TYPE threads, then come back and tell us your opinion.
As for training, learn boxing and jacket-wrestling (Judo is good) to become better at common unarmed violence than your potential attackers. Once you KNOW you are good at those disciplines you will be far less likely to be attacked in low-risk situations as the 'crim' can tell you're not such an easy mark.
THEN go study aikido if you want, personally I'm sure it is only valuable to students who can already grapple to a competent degree.
I'm not sure i agree with your opinon on having to have prior training in grappling arts to succeed in Aikido. I had NO prior experience in grappling, just a little TKD, and i am coming along just fine.
In my opinion all that it takes is an open mind and a willingness to learn to succeed with Aikido.

in aiki,
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