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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Dude, you tried that against a pit bull?

You are even braver than I thought!

I can't imagine that method working against a well trained attack dog...maybe pits aren't as bright as I thought...hmmmm...

No idea if it was a trained attack dog or even a full breed. I was walking home from school in the 11th grade, a dog that used to growl and bark at me from behind a wooden fence finally broke free. He came rushing at me, I threw my books at him. He backed away and rushed again. Instinct took over and I stepped right past him (like a bull fighter) as he turned to re-engage I kicked him in the ribs. He yelped, backed up, came again, this time I was not so lucky. I lost a better part of my jeans and a bite that required a visit to the ER. I was able to get him to stop biting me by Stomping on his skull with my other foot. At that point fueled by anger I rushed and proceed to put my foot right down the pipe. At this point the dog decided it was time to flee and ran off. I limped to a friends, they called police and one of my parents who took me to the ER.

I remember this vividly because I almost had to get rabies shots. Lucky for me they found the dog. I believe a lot of my ability to win came from my Doc Martins.

That was just one of 3 dog fights I've been in. However, the last two were not severe. One with a poodle dog (who was scared of his shadow) and another with a golden lab who thought I was hurting his master during a friendly football game (Saved by the master).

- Don
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