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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

Stefan Hultberg wrote: View Post
In fact I would not suggest a martial art at all - try pistol-shooting or running -
A common misconception and poor advice you gave above. "pistol-shooting" is a martial art that also needs to be continually trained. Just sticking a gun in someone's hands and asking them to defend themselves under pressure leaves them unprepared kind of like taking some random person, having them read a book on MMA, and then having them walk into a ring.

Avoid physical conflict!! In terms of self defense I would suggest three main techniques:

1. smile - you'd be surprised how many conflicts that can be avoided by not rising to the challenge

2. run - if conflict is unavoidable one should learn from rabbits, man they can run
Now, the above two recommendations are great advice!

3. if nothing else works do a qui-gon, you know the scene where he is fighting darth maul and sits down to meditate while waiting for a door to open. When you are threatened with violence, the smile doesn't work and you can't run - go down in seiza and start meditating - very few thugs would actually strike someone who sits quietly in meditation.

And now, my final point. If nothing works - allow yourself to be beaten up. You'd set an example that would last a thousand years!!
Now why did you have to go follow up two pieces of great advice with two awful ones?



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