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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

Phil Wrote:

"Play book" was used as colorful language for what O'Sensei's intention was for the use of Aikido in self-defense situations.
What is your understanding of his use of aikido in a self defense situation?

IMO, it is much, much more esoteric and complex than is shown in any video of physicality.

I love the study of ma'ai. It is a very, very complex subject and one that I can personally discuss for hours (but it bores most people).

I personally think that he cared much more about the "be" aspects of ma'ai and the realationship and awareness that occurs at that point than anything else.

This is a big reason we study sword, jo, and ikkyo...imo, not so much that people go around wacking one another, but because those things help us learn the concept and importance of ma'ai.

Ask any cop that makes a traffic stop. Any soldier that engages people on an interpersonal basis and they can discuss or relate to the importance of understanding ma'ai.

I think much of the importance of aikido is about this one starts and ends there. I think this is a big part of the lesson that O'sensei wanted to get across.

At least that is what I really get from studying ain't about the physicality of fighitng.

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