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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

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So....we....wouldn't have to use clips that model an actual attack to show the effectiveness of Aikido. etc. But because of O'Sensei's Aikido's play book I think it is rare so we will just have to use what we got (the clip as a model) to show how Aikido works in a hot situation, (or argue about the effectiveness like a Bulimirexic) to the general public in a way they can best relate.
Kevin, I guess it wasn't clear to you, so it may not be to others, the phrase"Play book" was used as colorful language for what O'Sensei's intention was for the use of Aikido in self-defense situations. Which is the rational behind the reasoning for why we are discussing a choreographed clip as a model instead of non-choreographed self-defense situation clip.

Matt I agree and see Dan's point, but honestly that is getting down to the micro level of pointing out faults of things which brings up more counter "what ifs" and variables. And that is the snag with clips like this vs. a hot situation clip: say a security camera caught an Aikidoka being mugged in a parking lot and the attack is foiled by the Aikidoka- that type of "hot" situation. That type of clip would redefine the discussion on Aikido effectiveness and answer Kevin and Dan's concerns and others expressed in this clip.


Even though the clip with all its faults and short commings it does model effective Aikido techniques. But, a plus to the clip is the speed at which the techniques are done it. The clip generally shows what we all us Aikidoka know. I think it is good for that purpose. If Aikido was about people pointing a finger the direction of the attacker and the attacker who went flying 10 feet away in mid air as a result, then I would say Aikido isn't effective.

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