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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

It's a nice clip as far as it goes. I think Kevin's posts make good points about the differences in demos, sans hakama and dogi or not.

I've sometimes thought that in any attack there might be a chance at pulling off an inital technique more or less simply because the attacker doesn't know its coming. Notice I said chance. In addition to having the element of suprise, one would have to have requiste timing and speed and application of all those movement principles we learn in aikido. Miss any of those and you have to know how to deal with resistance. My limited experience says that unless we were to actively train in reality based scenarios that even with many years of aikido training it is likely that in a "real" situation, our ability to apply those principles can be compromised unless we can control our own impulses to engage (testostrone, ego, fight or flight reaction etc....). In my limited experience it is a very difficult thing to control and is a training aspect not normally dealt with in aikido training. We'd all like to think we'd act like 007 with those instinctive reactions but I don't think so, because most people do not train that way. At some point you realize the limitations of most aikido training. And its like George Leydard said....the chances of a street attack happening to 99% of all aikidoka is about 0.000001%. So, if you enjoy aikido, keep doing it. If not, stop. and if you want to slant your aikido training to something approximating marital aikido, well, you can do that in many ways......(insert the many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many.........many threads on this here).
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