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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

Phil wrote:

Kevin, we talking about civilian life,
I understand. There are some differences on why you are engaging and the situations. However fighting is fighting. The clips you provided were assuming attackers with an intent to severely hurt or kill. How does that differ from a civilian to military status. Knives and bodies work the same and all bleed the same.

I have said this before that it is a shame someone wasn't able to film an Aikidoka in a hot situation where they are attacked on the street. I am sure there might be a clip out there some where. But the reason I think there isn't a clip (assuming there isn't one of one on the street) is due largely to Aikido's philosophy
Probably. As an afinity group, Aikidoka are not generally involved in to many fights.

There are a few of us out there that have done aikido for a few years and use it in our jobs/situations.

I think the issue is this:

You view aikido as a "fighting style" the methodology and conditions you train in are assumed by you to some how be visibily distinctive and different than other "styles"

Bad logic, ask me how I found out.

From my perspective and guys like Kit Leblanc, Dave Valadez, Dan Harden and other...

We view aikido as a principle based methodology designed to instill certain habits and provides a framework and structure.

In a fight though...all skilled fighters start looking the same. You close distance, you clinch, you form frames, you irimi strike, kick, and do all that good stuff. It is hard to tell and aikidoka from a guy that has an afinity for Krav Maga.

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