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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

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What happens most of the time in reality is that attackers close distance in a variety of ways, from verbal (socially), to attempting to off balance with mass and multiple attacks or feints in an attempt to disrupt and overwhelm.

I think it is key to remember that aikido was designed by the founder not as a system primarily geared towards fighting but refinement of know the party line.
Your first comment above, that is only one type of attack scenario commonly found in bar fights between males of high testoserone level and hearty doses of liquor in the gut. Typical stag liquor drinking male behavior.

You in your reality you didn't include attacks on women, situations such as muggings, etc. The clip is limited as well but I would say it does include other situations applicable. The clip isn't perfect.

yep that is the party line and if some people would figure that out, there would be less type of certain arguments and threads being started.
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