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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

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You might note that the lack of "taking ukemi" changes the dynamic in the receiving body; both its structural integrity and how it reacts spacially to the guy trying his schtick on you. Normal people do not act like the trained preconditioned jumpers in the martial arts. And trained fighter?? They're a different planet all together.
If someone opts for video example #1 (yours) as good Aikido, well...have fun
If they mistakenly call it good martial arts? Well...I just feel sorry for them. They are either being deceived or are deceiving themselves. Again though. Its the internet, everyone thinks their opinions are equal, because of their own particular experiences. It may look that way, but it only looks that way.
Dan, I see where you are going. But please keep in mind the clip's value is in what I have posted before this. The clip is a model. The arguments you and others have laid out concerning objectivity, perspective, etc. is what philosophers and psychologist have being discussing for thousands of years, and is required fundamental study in the universities. The reason for the clip what to show the closest emulation of Aikido applied in a hot street situation vs. in a traditional setting.

I appreciate you philosophical argument, though one thing I learned as a learned person is to stay out of philosophical agreements because at a point I wonder if the argument is for real, and are we thinking we are going foward, but we are really standing still never really going forward, etc.

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