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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

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I mean, not once does it show someone trying to punch the other in the face really really hard, then punch him with the other hand, then punch him some more.
I'm sure someone might think the video shows that, but in my opinion it never does.
You can't show every possible street (crime) attack, but what you can do is highlight and then make the adjustments. The choice to use weapons in the demo is a step up from empty hand. You can deal with both attacks similarly. Street punks etc. often use weapons to intimidate and for control of the victim. If you remove the weapon from the attacker's hand and instead see it as a closed fist you would have a bar fight situation- in the honest bars.

What I was getting at is the clip really shows Aikido outside the traditionally framed expose demo- nothing wrong with that. Such demos can be misleading to the general viewing public about the street effectiveness of Aikido. Because the setting of many such demos are traditionally framed traditionally with all the Japanese trimmings. The clip being done in regular clothes and on the street (outside where people can see themselves being there) the viewing public can see themselves in those situations in the clip, they can relate to it. They say to themselves, ya, I can see how that works, I can see myself doing it. Rather then looking at a showcasing of cultural demo of a martial art steeped in martial arts tradition, and not relating personally to Aikido by making similarities in their daily lives.

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