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Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

I've realized all the good discussions on Aikido are in heaven. I just wanted to share. I came across this clip which I think is out of the norm of the countless numbers of Aikido clips on YouTube, and it is not the typical Aikido demo because of the lack of traditional garb and speed. We all know that Hakama and gi hides and obscures movement in what your watching. And the street clothes provide a sense out-of-the-dojo and in every daily life experience.

I think it is a good clip and provides a different way at looking at Aikido effectiveness, that has been discussed lately, against common street attacks where the attacker is unaware of the Aikido trained target. The attacks seen in the clip represent 99.9% of what will be experience in the street in most places in the world. The clip doesn't show all the common attacks someone might experience, but they are the major ones -the clip gets you the idea.


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