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Re: Using Aikido During Sparring

Son Mai wrote: View Post
I think you`re correct there. aikido works best with a strike. if nothing else to take their balance.

I don`t think you should try using it for a while,however. My arguement is, as of now, you don`t know what you don`t know. For example, if you do do a hip throw and drop to your knee you might break his neck.

That being said Aikido principles are in most martial arts. Everyone makes it sound like all these arts are different but I think they are just branches off the same tree. Aikido being one of those brances.
In a realistic situation I doubt I would use Aikido at all. I think I would instintively return to the striking art I spent 20 years in not where I've spent the past 4..Though I think the last 4 will hopefully help me avoid such situations at
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