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Re: The Exploits of Ueshiba Morihei

From Aiki News Issue 019

Ueshiba wrote:
One Incident took place, I believe, before the episode with the military police. Several captains who were instructors at the Toyama School invited me to test my strength against theirs. They all prided themselves in their abilities saying things like: "I was able to lift such-and-such a weight," or "I broke a log so many inches in diameter." They gathered around me to test my power. I explained to them: "I don't have strength like yours but I can fell people like you with my little finger alone. I feel sorry for you if I throw you. So let's do this instead." I extended my right arm and rested the tip of my index finger on the end of a desk and invited them to lay across my arm on their stomachs. One, two, then three officers lay themselves over my arm and by that time everyone became wide-eyed. I continued until six men lay over my arm and then asked the officer standing near me for a glass of water. As I was drinking the water with my left hand everyone was quiet and exchanging glances.
Interviewer then asks: "Aside from Aikido, you must have tremendous physical strength."

Ueshiba wrote:
Not really.
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