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Re: Non-Profit Dojo?

Does anyone know whether all non-profits, like churches, get a free ride on property taxes?

Property taxes can be a big chunk of change. And the revenue collected covers a fair number of local and important services.

Those who don't pay property tax, regardless of whatever good works they may be doing, are definitely getting full subsidies paid for by the rest of the folks in a given locale.

That's never seemed right to me. Seeing as I could just start a Church of the Retired Deadhead and save $6,000.00 a year. Pull in some tax free big cash over the web and/or a cable channel. Mass up the dough and form a political action lobbying group and get some legislation written that favors the doctrine of the Gospels of the Retired Deadheads and by golly...oh well, no way...that could never happen in America.

In general, whther or not a dojo is a 501C makes no difference to me ( except for the property tax deal - I think all property owners ought pay it period ). As has been said here many times, nobody makes alot of money through aikido training.

Interesting how entities which begin with a clear and focused message and then struggle financially tend to keep their focus and message very clear. Start throwing the big bucks in and it won't be long before purpose becomes a murky vision.
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