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Originally posted by PeterR
Hi Elmer;

I asked because I consider the more direct methods to be the older (traditional) way. In one sense it is unfortunate that you have to change sensei but in another you have a good chance to see another way of doing things.

I suspect you felt a little akward because its new but also even the more "direct" methods require you to move off-line. Your distancing might not be quite right either - experiment a bit. Try to use something a little less hairy than an ice-pick. Visions of pierced knee-caps.

Budo Renshu is traditional. Dynamic Sphere is - well the drawings are artfully done.
Hello again,

Thanks, you might be right I still need to get more adopt to this new techniques. Guest I've gotten used to the previous that its almost an instinct when I move. We practiced with icepick coz its the ussual weapon that we see here but well who wants pierce knees he he guest well have to use the old wooden knives for the next practice.

Thanks and have a nice day..

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