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Hi Elmer;

I asked because I consider the more direct methods to be the older (traditional) way. In one sense it is unfortunate that you have to change sensei but in another you have a good chance to see another way of doing things.

I suspect you felt a little akward because its new but also even the more "direct" methods require you to move off-line. Your distancing might not be quite right either - experiment a bit. Try to use something a little less hairy than an ice-pick. Visions of pierced knee-caps.

Budo Renshu is traditional. Dynamic Sphere is - well the drawings are artfully done.
Originally posted by efredeluces

Hello, previously we study using traditional techniques, you know the ones featured in the book dymanic sphere. now we have a new sensei were switching to a more modern versions were we use direct applications.

I'm really more concern about the effectivity of the two versions coz my nephew and I tested both with a knife & ice pick. both were successful with a knife but the newer seem a little akward to use with a longer weapon as it the weapon tend to penetrate the front knee of nage.

Happy training ...

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