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Miguel Cuevas
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Ok, now I'm starting to worry a bit. My gradual improvement in aikido is by far the most important thing to me in this discussion, but at the same time I want a higher metabolism and greater abdominal strength. A leaner, healthier, and ,yes, more attractive body is important to me (and to my wife ), but not at the expense of my ability to improve my aikido.

As to why I don't practice everyday... well I do practice everyday. The weightlifting would be a supplemental role, not a primary one. Between sets I would practice a bit, doing some basic aikido excercises. I haven't really put the training schedule together, but that's kind of my little idea. I intend to practice every day, head to the dojo 4 days a week, and lift for 3, with light weights ONLY, after some serious stretching and breathing excercises. My aikido comes first! I'm thinking of maybe dedicating 1 day to some basic breathing excercises, because from what I've read that's a great way to develop your ki. Ki in and of itself is little tough for me to come to grips with, especially when it comes to it's devolpment. But alas, that would be a topic for another thread.

"The true way of the Martial Arts is to train so that these skills are useful at any time, and to teach these skills so that they will be useful in all things."
-Shinmen Musashi
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