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Re: Taisabaki and Ueshiba

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Later, Konishi Sensei developed two other kata based on the principles of Tai Sabaki. The three kata became known as Tai Sabaki Shodan, Tai Sabaki Nidan, and Tai Sabaki Sandan."
Shindo Jinen Ryu, by Howard High

(bold and italics are mine)
Interesting information. I was looking at those kata on youtube. Looked like he used the Heian series with some changes in the hand techniques and shorter stances. shotokan folks tend to be very "stiff legged" with their kata. I wondered what O Sensei would say if he saw the kata from the shorinryu (pinan series) approaches. shorinryu folks liked to deliver power quick, short and mobile and can generate lots of power through their body whip.
As far as taisabaki goes, I preferred the shorinryu approaches; they used short cat stance and natural stance.
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