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Walter Martindale
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Re: Non-Profit Dojo?

Fred Little's precis of not-for-profit characteristics is good.
I've been employed by "not for profit" organisations almost continuously since 1991. Present employer has about 10 full time staff, several other part time and fixed term contract staff, is funded largely from government grants, "charitable trust" grants, and commercial sponsors.
Most Aikido dojo I've been at were definitely not-for-profit, where sensei do the teaching so that they'll have people with whom to practice in their home towns when they grow up and disperse from their original dojo or when they inherit the dojo from the previous sensei, whether that's through retirement, succession through the sensei passing away, or whatever - fees at these dojos barely cover operating costs, and they're housed in community centres, churches, private homes, but rarely in rent-paying or free-hold properties.
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