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Bruce Baker
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Breath power

There is a simple way to explain the benefits of proper breathing. If you expell breath when lifting or in pulling an oar you get a better result with breathing out than breathing in.

Kind of like breathing in when you get poked in the stomach, you absorb the power when breathing out, but lose your breath if you are breathing in.

Same principle in weightlifting, exercising, and in Aikido too. Your strength and power increase when breathing out, even if it is a very small breath, it still increases your body strength.

Of course, there are other thoughts on co-ordinating your breath to your body movements, such as Hohan Soken teaching American service men to take two short breaths in and two short breaths out when running? When he was in his seventies, he still could run ten miles in Okinawa with marines and not be out of breath, unlike the younger Marines.

Breath power? Yup.

Practice, a little help from others, and time will help you to find your own Breath Power.

Don't be a hurry. It will happen.
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