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Bruce Baker
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Say what?

Are we talking about a wrist twist, or are we argueing on the moot court bench about tomatoes or to-my-toes?

I was reviewing some of my Wally Jay jujitsu, and although he doesn't call it kotegaeshi the movement activates the same response within the same rotational movements ... only with fingers instead of across the back of the hand.

Question is ... what balance does the opponent have which will allow you to produce the desired result? I think we all agree that all techniques depend on distraction, balance, and using the position of your opponent to your advantage. So whether you pull, push, distract, or create an opening for kotegaeshi, there must be an opening for it to make it happen.

Sometimes I think you guys start to lose all common sense? It shouldn't matter if the movement is in Aikido, jujitsu, karate, or even the Defendo courses of WWI, if it works then it is useful by whatever method it takes to get there, or whatever it is called.

De-fend-O? Yeah, another form of jujitsu taught by a man who learned pressure points and jujitsu in the early 1900s.

There may or may not be some videos about.
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