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Re: Non-Profit Dojo?

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
For some deciding to become a non-profit is oddly enough a calculated business decision. Salaries can still be paid, bonuses given, etc.

So to me it makes little difference. As long as it is above board either way it just doesn't matter to me.
I don't find this odd in the least. It is exactly what a non-profit distinction is..a business decision. And, as in all things, one should discern situations case by case, if it is of interest or concern on a moral or ideological level.

I couldn't agree more about being above board in one's intentions and practices. As a 'professional educator' in the martial dicipline, I am sometimes asked to offer my teaching and lecturing services for free to non-profits. I don't do it simply because of that status, it isn't enough justification for free teaching in seminars where people are being charged good money and that money is not specifically earmarked for a cause beyond the perpetuation of the organization itself.

That is my rough line for now.

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