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Re: Push Test with Ueshiba

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Ah, from the front page of Aikido Journal, comes this article. Seems Ueshiba kept having people push and pull him into his older years.

So, why is it, that something as fundamental as this ... something Ueshiba did most of his martial career (after training with Takeda, it seems) ... that this hasn't spread throughout the aikido world?
Hi Mark -

I can't speak to why Ki testing and development exercises aren't practiced more widely throughout the Aikido world; perhaps Peter will touch on the subject in his series of columns. The practice, however, hasn't disappeared entirely from Aikido. Ki development independent of waza continues to be an essential part of our schools' cirriculum as well as Ki Society and, last I was aware of, Kokikai dojos. I suspect there are other organizations and independents that carry on the tradition as well


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