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Yes, I would have to admit that where the head goes the body tends to follow. Applies to Aikido and psychology.

I do often recommend Aikido physical practice for the body alignment and movement, and I certainly support that the arms guide and transfer the power from the center/hara/hips. Allows you to use the entire body.

I also suggest that before one abandons the mind and clear it by meditation technqiues they spend some time uncovering and resolving mental/emotional blockages that due to history are on automatic pilot. Make sure a new direction is select before you take it off manual pilot and put it back on auto.

I also learned and recommend that the first front of self-defense is good manners and a lessening of the ego that any one us have all the answers, that our way is the only right way, or that everything is about us. Learn not to take things personally. Enter and blend, gotta love it.

Relax, breath, and enjoy yourself.

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