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Keith Larman
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Re: Non-Profit Dojo?

For some deciding to become a non-profit is oddly enough a calculated business decision. Salaries can still be paid, bonuses given, etc.

For many groups being a non-profit is exactly a result them being good people trying to do good things. But sometimes even good things grow into bureaucracies that take on a life of their own and become just as much about self-preservation and enrichment "in order to continue to do good".

I've also had the great honor of having worked for a variety of charities in various capacities. Many are very good things. Some are more efficient than others. And some, well, it is amazing how many people have their hands out that don't really seem to be related to the overt mission of the charity...

So when it comes to dojo, well, I stopped worrying about non-profit vs. for profit a long time ago. Non-profit status makes sense in many cases when classes are held out of things like city owned facilities. Or church activity rooms. Or things like that. But if you're talking about a larger, more robust establishment with a dedicated space and more involved instruction, non-profit seems to make less sense. And frankly I think those who make the effort to be full-time instructors and offer up a professional service with consistent hours, well, I don't begrudge them making a profit.

And all that said... You should see the salaries many executives of non-profit charities pull down...

So to me it makes little difference. As long as it is above board either way it just doesn't matter to me.

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