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Bruce Baker
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Concepts and execution

Most of the people who answer the questions, here on the Aikiweb, really do mean well ... but not all of them have a backround in concepts of meditation or can execute these inner mind concepts in physical Aikido practice. So let it go.

There are, however, ways to clear the mind and open a channel from what you percieve in your mind to what can be physically achieved by the human body. Many of these concepts are found in religious studies, and in yoga manuals, but in many ways our continued Aikido practice trys to adopt some of these principles in an attempt to overcome people either conquering our own physical/mental state with force or mental suggestions.

So ... what the hell does that all mean?

Yeah, you can use forms of mental discipline to enhance your physical strength and performance.

Does that simplify it for some of you knot-heads?

Hey, we tell ourselves and others to concetrate on what we are doing, or pay attention to what is going on, why?

Because we are trying to get the mental process alligned with the physical body.

So, although we have a new explorer on the scene, let's try to be polite?

Of course, I could envite all of you disbelievers to come to Atlantic City, being a reasonable vacation excuse, and come play with Bruce and show me I am wrong? It would be great fun! I like nothing more than to be proven wrong, it continues my education of MA with punctuation.

On the other hand, I could be right?

In that case, I might be able to show you how to connect to a strength beyond the physical strength we all take for granted when we are young? Wouldn't that be worth the trip?

Love hurts ... nothing but love for Ya'all.

Just kidding.

By the way, Chris, you are close enough to some of Dillman's pressure point guys, so maybe you should check out a seminar about Chi/Ki? But do continue to practice Aikido without thinking about attacking or violence, it is best way to connect the puzzle of Martial Arts. Aikido really has some great training techniques that are not as damaging as some martial arts, you will stay healthier, longer with your Aikido practice.

And remember, let a couple of days go by before you answer goading posts.
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