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Lyle Bogin
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Re: Instructors of low rank

Perhaps our dojo is unique in how openly everyone disagrees with one another (and I know it's not). I constantly face contradicting advice from my sempai. When I ask Imaizumi Sensei for advice, he often avoids specific answers or says "it depends". I also hear a lot of "he didn't used to do it that way". So that's what I look for in a dojo now...not a bunch of people doing things "correctly," but rather a group of practitioners that are all doing their own thing based on common basics.

Why not take classes from a person of lower rank? At least they take care of all of the organization so you can just work out.

However, when it really comes down to it, finding a great primary instructor whose technique you find absolutely compelling can't be made up for with a bunch of college club instructors.
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