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Re: aikido waza that best train

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Maybe that is why Aikido originally contained Kokyu Dosa both solo and partner practice to be trained (Dosa) *outside* of waza. Of course both of these may no longer be existent in peoples practice and/or they me no longer be substantive/productive for developing Kokyu Ryoku, etc. (One needs to understand the exercise properly in order to profit from it properly. This, I think, is manifested via a process of conception, practice and correction/enhancement by a teacher that already can manifest (therefore has walked the path) Kokyu Ryoku.)
How/when did Ark have you transition from development to application?
No argument from me there.
Kokyu dosa is "agete", or whatever DRAJJ called it, and was a fundamental tool for developing this skill. The fact that it's practiced now in a lot of Aikido schools with a million one variations, speaks to the fact that most people missed the intent of that basic exercise, or that Ueshiba purposely covered it up.
That's just me musing though, and by the by, when I say "a lot of xxx" that's not saying "everyone." (lest I shoot myself in the foot)

Anyways, Ark had us move to "application"...huh
I dunno when he did.
Basically he just keeps tossing us on our ass, and occasionally shows techniques. Generally if you keep up the conditioning you figure out how he did the movement he did. So it's almost like a constant reverse engineer process.
It's slower, but honestly, I find I can use most of the movement I pick up with him because by the time I figure it out, it feels natural...or rather the movement happens naturally.
The way the body is conditioned...there's only so many ways you can move.
Everything else is just henka.
And henka is easy.

good question, I'll keep everyone posted as soon as Ark makes up his mind as to what he wants to do for the rest of this year, much lest next year
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