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Re: aikido waza that best train

Robert John wrote: View Post
Well, I think if someone is smart, they might be able to make inroads to other modes of movement using only waza...


over a loooooong period of time.

But why the hell would you do that if there's a direct way to train it, and the whole point of training the waza is to get the skill in the first place?

Maybe that is why Aikido originally contained Kokyu Dosa both solo and partner practice to be trained (Dosa) *outside* of waza. Of course both of these may no longer be existent in peoples practice and/or they me no longer be substantive/productive for developing Kokyu Ryoku, etc. (One needs to understand the exercise properly in order to profit from it properly. This, I think, is manifested via a process of conception, practice and correction/enhancement by a teacher that already can manifest (therefore has walked the path) Kokyu Ryoku.)

It makes sense to me that if one doesn't have all of the above, if they want it, they should go out and find it. If they do have it they should be able to demonstrate it to some degree. Still, that doesn't mean there isn't more to learn. Don't most Aikidoshi train under guest sensei because they find it additive to their practice? By the same logic, why wouldn't/couldn't they do the same with Kokyu/Ki stuff?

Either way there is no breaking of precedent as far as I can see. No big deal.

But me thinks I detect the deadly thread drift tide arising!!


How/when did Ark have you transition from development to application?

(And when will you be back in Seattle?)


~ Allen Beebe
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