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Re: Instructors of low rank

Shany Golan wrote: View Post
...Your Aikido doesn't come from the teacher, it comes from you, you are oblicated to find what works for you....
yeah hmmmm... i think this is a very common misunderstanding that many intermediate students have...

they miss the beginning of that comment, which is probably the most important...once you have a solid understanding of the basics, after years and years of study, maybe, MAYBE you can find a way of movement that works better for you.

of all the shihan i've had the opportunity to see, sure, they talk about making aikido your own, or finding out 'what works for you...' but that's AFTER Y0U'VE DEVEL0PED A G00D F0UNDATI0N.'

try to do a search on chiba sensei's explanation of transmission in martial arts. the concept of shu ha ri. its only after a long period of training the body, training the muscles in correct form, training the mind, that you finally see what works for you. you don't try a movement a couple of times and decide, 'ah, i think it works better like this...'

anyways, sorry if there's some thread drift here. but keep things in perspective. in order for us to learn aikido, or anything, we first need a good teacher.

the original post said the person in question is a 'relative newbie' who happens to show up alot. maybe the instructor's sending a message to to the others ranked higher to show up a little more.

like people have been saying in their posts, maybe the best thing to do is the tried and true 'hey sensei, what's up with that?'

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