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Bruce Baker
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Expanding Aikido pillars/ more Jujitsu

Have any of you experienced Wally Jay Jujitsu, and how do you rate it for expanding the pillars of Aikido?

If you have seen John Stevens, author and Aikido practitioner, in a seminar, you have been introduced to the pillars of Aikido in terms of the basic techniques we modify or trace variations to. This method is a very clear way to define the levels of learning techniques as they progress in difficulty and levels.

If you have ever been part of a Wally Jay Jujitsu class, you seen almost all of the basic movements of Aikido, mixed with many techniques that are turned into small circles. If you have trained in Aikido, these small circle jujitsu techniques are even more effective with correct body movements found in aikido practice.

If you haven't experienced these two classes, please don't waste your time, or mine responding.

I see the future of Aikido being widened into using many more pressure point techniques, finger manipulations causing imbalance for Aikido techniques, and embracing many more openings from Jujitsu such as Wally Jay's group has been teaching.

Of course, Grandmaster Wally Jay's credits include adapting many of Aikido techniques to work with his particular style of Jujitsu, so if you cross train, as I have tried to do, you too might get in trouble when listing other techniques for jujitsu when a teacher demonstates. I always seem to bite my tongue lately when a teacher asks what he/she is doing? That is the price of trying to see more of what the world is made of, I guess.

Anyway, if you have seen Jujitsu by Wally Jay, tell me what you think about adding this to present Aikido techniques for those who wish to advance their study of Aikido with Jujitsu?
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